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Workshop "DB Uncertainty"

During the last general meeting of IMPRS coordinators in April, 2010 we presented the online database "Uncertainty".

The database enables coordinators of IMPRSs to monitor, control, and organize almost all aspects of their schools in an easy and comprehensive way.

It avoids unnecessary workload by combining various personalized information with the scientific schedule of the program. It simultaneously allows the students to access their profile, keep track of their status within the school, and inform themselves about past and upcoming courses or events. At the same time is allows to advertise the program to an interested web-audience.

Coordinators may profit from easy reviews of the students' status, summaries of their recent work, and quick reports on relevant facts of your school.

Preliminary Program

Monday, November, 8th
  1. Overview database "Uncertainty"
  2. Presentation:
    1. Module Students
    2. Module Courses and Talks
    3. Module Lecturers
    4. Module Events
    5. Module Social Activities
    6. Module Monitoring and Governance
  3. Access control
Tuesday, November, 9th
  1. Needs assessment
  2. Implementation of needs and the migration process
  3. Technical implementation

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